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Department of Microbiology is catering to the needs of OPD and 400 bed in patients department of Hi-tech medical college and hospital. The Department is performing all routine investigations and research activities in its various sections like Bacteriology, Serology, Immunology, virology, mycology, mycobacteria, Parasitology and medicine entomology .The department has got the approval of NACO for establishment of a voluntary confidential counseling and testing center. The department is performing five hundred twenty five investigations per month.

The Instruments used in Diagnostic Microbiology which includes higher investigations relating to Virology, Hepatitis, HIV & AIDS , Mycology, Immunology, Tuberoculosis, Entomology.

There is a proposal submitted by Prof & HOD of microbiology through chairman Hi-tech medical college to arrange AIDS awareness program through state AIDS CELL SOCIETY, among the doctors and paramedical staff.


Sl.No. Designation Name Qualification
1 Professor & HOD Dr. Bandana Mallick MD
2 Professor Dr. Sudhi Ranjan Mishra MD
3 Professor Dr. Prabhakar Chandrayya MD
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Swetalona Pattanaik MD
5 Asst. Prof. Dr. Amruta Kar MD
6 Asst. Prof. Dr. Mamta Bhatt MD
7 Tutor Dr. Rajarshi Bagchi MBBS
8 Tutor Dr. Biyanka Sau MBBS
9 Tutor Dr. Priyadarshini Bhoi MBBS
10 Tutor Dr. Prasenjit Bhaumik MBBS
11 Tutor Dr. Soumyadeep Seal MBBS
12 Tutor Dr. Aakash Kamal MBBS
13 Tutor Dr. Mamidi Deepika MBBS

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