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The department of Physiology is situated in the spacious location of College occupying the second floor.The department consists of Head of the department room,Office,Staff rooms, departmental library,seminar room and amphibian laboratory.It has got a large hematology laboratory And Clinical laboratory with a well equipped demonstration hall Mammalian laboratory and research laboratory are located in the department.The water plant is installed at one of the laboratories. Department of Physiology is training MBBS by way of taking didactic lectures,practical demonstrations,tutorials and seminars.

Departmental Laboratories

It is one of the best Laboratories like Haematology, Clinical Physiology, Mammalian Amphibian & Research laboratories, with excellent collection of colored photographs of different types of cases. There are facilities for small group teaching in the museum during practical hour training.

Seminar room

A common seminar room, with all modern facilities of audiovisual systems.

Demonstration Room

There is a demonstration room with modern teaching aids, which accommodates 100 students.


Sl.No. Designation Name Qualification
1 Professor Dr. Jyostnarani Pattnaik MD
2 Professor Dr. Muneeb Jehan MD
3 Professor Dr. Nilekar Ashwini Narendra MD
4 Assoc.Prof. Dr. Amita Kumari Mohapatra MD
5 Asst. Prof. Dr. Sharada Mayee Swain MD
6 Asst. Prof. Dr. Aparajita Priyadarsini MD
7 Asst. Prof. Dr. Arati Meher MD
8 Tutor Dr. Prasant Ku. Mohapatra M.Sc.
9 Tutor Smita Rani Pradhan  M.Sc.
10 Tutor Dr. Poonam Mehta MBBS
11 Tutor Dr. Sudipto Modak MBBS

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